Tenders that need your products & services

Get all of your tenders from one source – Snap Edition publish tenders from over 4000 UK public sector organisations.

You’ll quickly create a customised tenders profile based on tender categories, regions, and keywords describing the key activities of your company – meaning you’ll only receive tenders that need the products or services supplied by your business.

Bid Writing

We know how public sector buyers score PQQs & ITTs. Our professional Bid Writers will produce powerful bid documents for your chosen tenders – bids that score highly and promote the key strengths of your business.

Good tender opportunities are often wasted as a result of poor quality bids. Typical reasons ? Bidding companies struggle to complete their bid documents on time, don’t understand the tendering process, or just don’t have the necessary writing skills.

Many of our Bid Writers have previously held public sector procurement positions. So we understand what is required in a successful bid.

Bid Evaluation

If you’re completing your bid documents in-house consider an expert final review before submission.

Our Bid Writing Team will check that key questions have been correctly interpreted (we’ll suggest re-writes where necessary), that the right supporting documents are available, and even point out simple things like spelling mistakes and confusing grammar.

That tender you’re bidding to win is probably worth a great deal to your business. A final review can dramatically improve your bid score – and avoid costly errors !

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