Why Tender ?

In 2017 the UK public sector will spend over £220 billion on products & services and issue more than 75,000 tenders.

UK Tenders provide outstanding sales opportunities. In fact, in some industries the public sector is the biggest customer. There are significant commercial advantages when doing business with the public sector :

  • A public sector organisation cannot go bust.
  • Payment is generally very prompt.
  • Examples of public sector work are highly regarded by potential private sector clients.

Why Use Snap Edition

Good tender opportunities are often wasted as a result of poor quality bids. Typical reasons ? Bidding companies struggle to complete their bid documents on time, don’t understand the tendering process, or just don’t have the necessary writing skills.

Snap Edition delivers the expert tender support you need to succeed – from full bid writing by professional Bid writers to evaluation & proofread of your bid before submission.

About the Public Sector

There are over 4000 UK public sector bodies including 500+ Councils. These organisations are all required under EU legislation to openly advertise procurement of products and services via a formal tender process.

All UK companies have an equal opportunity to tender when responding to public sector tenders.

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